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Why We Need To Break The British Reserve And Ask For A Second Medical Opinion


Trinity PR is releasing the results of a new opinion poll exploring attitudes to seeking a second medical opinion to support the launch of a new online patient platform The survey found that Britons are more likely to seek a second opinion on financial advice (36%) than on their own health, with only 30% of those questioned saying they would seek a second medical opinion about their treatment or diagnosis. A fifth of those asked (21%) said that concern about offending or angering their doctor would stop them from asking for a second medical opinion. connects patients with some of the world’s leading imaging specialists in a range of conditions in the fields of oncology, neurology, cardiology, musculoskeletal, abdominal and paediatric health.  Patients can choose from 150 highly specialised experts (radiologists) who provide an online consultation, a detailed report and follow-up communication within 1-4 days from as little as £100.  For more information visit


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