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Trinity Pr Embarks On New Working Partnership With Steadfast Clinics Ltd

Trinity PR has begun an exciting project working with Steadfast Clinics to promote the benefits of IDD therapy, a non-invasive treatment for debilitating back and neck pain.

Back pain affects around one in three of us – whether it’s running around after the children, lifting heavy shopping or general wear and tear from either a manual or sedentary job that ‘sets it off’, conventional treatments sometimes just don’t get to the root of the problem

IDD not only provides those suffering from back or neck related issues with an alternative to surgery, but can also work when surgery has failed. IDD Therapy is supported by a body of evidence with treatment providers reporting 70-80% success rates and to date, more than 16,000 treatments have been carried out in the UK alone.

Steadfast Clinics has supplied IDD machines to a network of 10 centres throughout England and Scotland, which treat disc related conditions by way of targeted decompression therapy alongside manual therapy and exercise.

Trinity PR is working closely with the organisation to generate awareness around new launches.  This month, Croydon’s Osteopathic Clinic of Physical Medicine will become the first clinic in Surrey to offer the specialist non-invasive treatment.

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