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Who’s Caring For Our Carers?

Trinity PR is honoured to be doing some PR work on a pro bono basis for new charity HEROES, which supports NHS staff on the frontline of the Coronavirus crisis. #ThankYouNHS

New UK-wide appeal – HEORES – mobilises within days to bring support to NHS staff serving on the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis

Trinity PR is so proud to be supporting the family and friends of London-based NHS doctor, Dr Dominic Pimenta, who have inspired the launch of new fund which aims to deliver vital support to all NHS workers who are currently working to treat affected patients as well as helping to curb the spread of COVID-19.

HEROES: Help them Help Us; has almost over £125,000 (of an initial target of £1,000,000) within the first few days of going live, immediately winning the support and endorsement of former Premiership footballer, Joe Cole, who has already stepped up as an official Ambassador of the appeal.

He says; “This is a fantastic new initiative set up to support the frontline NHS workers, the men and women ‘digging in’ for us in very difficult circumstances. We, the British public can help with this. It is a call of our generation to stick together.”

The new platform will support our frontline NHS workers in three ways:

• by facilitating the delivery of food via existing delivery infrastructure (restaurants, commercial kitchens and food service businesses)
• by obtaining PPE (certified personal protective equipment) including masks, gloves, gowns, and protective eyewear and working closely with Government and the NHSE to ensure targeted delivery
• by providing vital human health and well-being services, such as accredited counselling, emergency childcare, and transport and food drops where needed

Rebecca Pimenta, part of the team behind the pioneering project explains; “Never have we been more called to pause our own dreams and ‘day jobs’ for a different kind of calling. Our NHS staff have become our frontline soldiers in this fight against COVID19. Now is the time to set aside our own agendas for a greater cause, turning our skills into ways that can support. To help them, help us.”

The appeal was officially launched earlier this week (Tues 24 March) with the projection of an emotive, short film onto the iconic White Cliffs of Dover to represent the national support for the NHS and the unfaltering efforts of its staff – from cleaners to Consultants – as they pull together to “go to into battle” on behalf of every citizen of the UK.
But the campaign isn’t about symbolism, it’s about very real and tangible aid that can be delivered swiftly and without unnecessary bureaucracy to those in need via small grants and immediate actions.

As well as much needed food drops to NHS staff (before, during and after shifts,) the international cosmetics company, Estee Lauder has announced its donation of 500 FFP3 masks, to be distributed in partnership with Central Government to second line healthcare workers, in particular GPs and minor injury units in London.

And, as the campaign gains momentum (with live interviews already featured on BBC Breakfast, Good Morning Britain and range of national publications) these offers are just the first of many. They are flooding in…

Dr Dominic Pimenta, who helped to inspire the launch of HEROES concludes; “We are dedicated to a single ideal, ‘anything that makes an NHS workers life better’. NHS workers are on the frontline of a war, and they aren’t soldiers. There’s so much goodwill and support for the NHS right now, we just want to make sure their energy gets where it needs to go.

He adds; “This crisis will see many of my colleagues face the most challenging time of their lives. The government and management are swamped already, so we set up HEROES to support the frontline workers for now and far into the future. We must do all we can to protect and defend it at this difficult time.
“I am constantly inspired by the goodwill and support of the people we speak to. It’s a difficult time but we can get through this, together.”

To join the effort or to sign up as a partner, visit

To donate instantly to the appeal, please click here: gofundme

The HEROES* launch film (which was also projected onto the iconic White Cliffs as a sign of unity can be found and shared on Instagram: helpthemhelpus

*Healthcare; Extraordinary; Response; Organisation; Education; Support

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