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Using Innovative Technology To Assist Operating Theatres In A Covid-19 Era

“The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare across the UK cannot be underestimated. NHS England figures reveal a staggering 4.7 million patients were waiting to be treated at the end of February 2021[1] – the largest figure since records began in 2007.

To help tackle this problem, and as part of our continuing commitment to offering innovative solutions to address the most pressing needs of caregivers, here at Hillrom, we have expanded our portfolio of surgical solutions to include the PST 500 Precision Surgical Table. This is based on years of immersing ourselves in the world of surgeons in order to absorb and understand their needs and address the real and pressing challenges they face within the operating room (OR) environment. We believe this latest innovation, will help to drive much-needed efficiency by expanding procedural capabilities within OR – helping to tackle waiting lists for surgical procedures.

This new, versatile, easy-to-use table sustains the volume and variety of procedures that healthcare professionals face every day, ensuring patients are supported and workflows can be streamlined. The introduction of the PST 500 Precision Surgical Table to operating rooms up and down the country has the potential to improve time efficiencies, increase safety levels for both caregivers and patients alike and therefore, improve patient outcomes for those requiring procedures. Because the right surgical table isn’t just a table – it‘s the foundation on which care happens. And with a strong foundation, anything is possible.

In the operating room, the surgical table is where surgeons start patients on the path to recovery. It’s where nurses, technicians and specialists come together to keep operations running smoothly and it’s where patients are supported and positioned during this critical life moment.

With the Hillrom PST 500 there is no need for specialised, single-function tables. Simply configure the table and accessories to provide the ideal platform for each procedure.

With the PST 500, the table you use for general surgeries can also support numerous orthopaedic procedures and can easily accommodate bariatric, spine and neuro procedures with its flexible configurations and accessories.

We designed the PST 500 to be easy to use, so your surgical team can focus on what counts—the patient in front of them.

The best surgical care begins with a strong foundation of safety and support.

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[1] NHS England 2021:

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