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Treatment For Brca Gene Mutation

As part as our work for the Weymouth Street Hospital and 9 Harley Street, Trinity PR has been raising awareness of treatment options for women carrying BRCA gene mutations.

BRCA1 and BRCA2 are genes that are linked with breast and ovarian cancer. If there is a mutation or fault in one of them, the risk of breast and ovarian cancer is very high – up to 95 percent in some cases. If a woman with the gene mutation has surgery to remove her breasts and/or ovaries, naturally the risk dramatically decreases.

Mr Adam Rosenthal, consultant gynaecologist at Weymouth Street Hospital undertakes this surgery and supports patients through the treatment process. Working with TPR, he talks to the Mail Online with one of his patients PAT Dowd about the impact of inheriting a faulty gene.

BRCA Coverage

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