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The Birth Of A New Approach To Maternity Planning For Parents-to-be

The Lindo Wing at St Mary’s – which has overseen private births for generations of families since 1937, has launched a new lifestyle maternity concierge service.  Expectant mums-to-be and their families can now be assigned their own assistant to take care of all their needs and create a personalised experience starting from as little as £250.

Expectant parents can access wrap-around support through their maternity journey to help ease the stress at such a busy time. Now, our dedicated team can “diarise” hospital stays and maternity services, whilst minimising disruption to families’ everyday home and business affairs.


Experienced personal Patient Liaison Teams provide full medical management for patients liaising with the Lindo Wing’s midwifery and consultant team regarding all ante-natal, birth and post-natal services. This includes booking all appointments, follow-up consultations, tests and investigations, as well as ante-natal and post-natal one-to-one and group sessions. In addition, the Patient Liaison Manager, will organise all your personal shopping, catering and transport needs from your bedside.


Patients are increasingly requesting bedside appointments for complementary therapies, hair and beauty treatments, bespoke nutritional plans including gourmet food delivery and post-natal fitness plans.  The patient liaison team can also help you create a home-from-home at hospital, co-ordinating personalised room décor, choice of linen and your favourite flowers.


Luisa Sweeney, Head Midwife at The Lindo Wing, comments, “We have an outstanding clinical team and premium facilities at the Lindo Wing, and we are now delighted to be able offer this new level of personalised care to patients.  Pregnancy and childbirth is a hugely individual experience and concierge services helps to ease the journey for parents-to-be.

The “maternity planner” is part of a new trend of services designed to celebrate and facilitate the welcoming of a new baby in the UK. Other fashions emerging around this area include pregnancy and gender-reveal stunts, baby showers and birth play-lists, as well more medical innovations such as blood cord banking, hypnobirthing, cranial therapy and placentophagy (consuming the afterbirth).  Given the outstanding reputation of medical expertise in maternity care, the UK is well placed to lead this emerging market.


The maternity concierge service at The Lindo Wing will be managed by London Medical Concierge (LMC). Set up by mother-of-three and entrepreneur Kirsty Ettrick, LMC provides a full concierge service connecting patients across the world to its network of medical specialists in the UK.

London Medical Concierge provides maternity patients a host of services including:


  • Catering: if you have specific dietary needs, we co-ordinate gourmet food delivery, personal chefs or housekeepers
  • Transport: including airport transfers, private jets or chauffeurs
  • Accommodation: from in-hospital suites to deluxe apartment rentals, we can find the right accommodation for your family and friends
  • Wellness: we can arrange bedside appointments for complementary therapies, hair and beauty treatments
  • Security: if you need additional security arrangements our team can source fully vetted personnel to assist you
  • Translation services: our translators can be on hand to attend appointments and offer assistance via phone or email
  • Private maternity nursing: to continue to provide personalised care on your return home and give you support to establish the best sleep and feeding routines for you and the baby
  • Personal touches: we can bring a touch of home into hospital by personalising your décor, linen, or providing your choice of flowers. We can also assist with restaurant recommendations, personal shopping, travel and tourism advice and bookings for your family


For more information, visit Imperial Private Healthcare.

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