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Stars And Their Scars

Whether it’s the time you underwent life-saving surgery, fell off your bike as a child or delivered your baby via C-section, scars reflect our life experiences.  In fact, annually around 100 million develop scarring following operations and cosmetic surgery procedures.

And, although some people are insecure about their flaws, certain celebrities have learned to love their imperfections and embrace their scars for the world to see.

Two global superstars who have recently showed off their scars following surgical operations are singer and songwriters, Kesha and Selena Gomez. In March 2018, Kesha revealed a long scar across her left knee from an onstage injury in February 2017. Selena Gomez was spotted relaxing on a yacht in Australia in December 2017, and for the first time ever, she revealed a dark scar along her inner thigh from her kidney transplant.

Celebrities may not realise it but opening-up about their insecurities and imperfections can help fans embrace their own similar feelings. For example, fans of Little Mix praised bandmember Perrie Edwards when she revealed her stomach scar which has been one of her biggest insecurities throughout her life – and were empowered to share their own “scar stories” as a result.

It is well known that scars may have numerous physical and psychological consequences. Negative experiences, together with society’s expectations of body image, can diminish self-esteem, increase self-consciousness and cause self-isolation.

Mr Nick Wilson Jones, Consultant Paediatric Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Morriston Hospital and the Welsh Centre for Burns and Plastic Surgery comments;

“Scarring can have a huge psychological impact on people, but as a rule, the ones who come to terms with their scars are those who can talk about it openly.  So, when we see celebrities, known for their beauty, talent and social influence, celebrating their scars, it gives confidence to everyone living with a scar.  The more “less perfect” body images we see in the media, the more positive people will feel about showing their scars.

“However, it is important for people to practise good scar protection and management. Regular moisturisation, massage and UV sun protection are a must for scars. And, treatments such as silicone gels can help to improve the appearance of a scar over time.”

With Summer just around the corner, these celeb examples are a timely reminder that there’s no need for people to hide a scar, and there is still time to improve the appearance of a scar before you bare all!  For more information on KELO-COTE® Scar Gel UV with SPF 30 visit:

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