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Leading Trichologists Harness Expertise And A ‘heritage Of Hair & Scalp Care’ To Launch A Game-changing New Hair Loss Treatment

Trinity is thrilled to be working on the media launch of a new, ground-breaking hair loss treatment created for both men and women. The Tricotain hair-retaining range, which was introduced to the UK market in September, currently comprises a shampoo and conditioner and is a highly effective and convenient-to-use treatment that retains hair, prevents hair loss and promotes healthier hair growth.

The new range has been clinically developed by our fabulous client, one of the UK’s top trichologists Eva Proudman FIT IAT. Eva has created the unique formula alongside the multi-award-winning cosmetic scientist Tony Maleedy MIT MSCS, bringing a real “game changer” to the highly competitive hair-retaining market.

Backed by the latest scientific research, Tricotain is a complex mixture of powerful anti-oxidants and free radical ‘scavengers’ formulated to neutralise and prevent the oxidative stress that causes hair loss. Designed to penetrate deep into the root, Tricotain Hair Retaining Shampoo maintains the health of the hair follicles, reduces inflammation, and ensures the scalp is in optimum condition for new hair growth.

Tricotain Hair Retaining Conditioner neutralises the damaging effects of oxidative stress and free radicals on the hair caused by pollutants, UV radiation, and chemical processing. This rich and highly nourishing conditioner is a blend of Rosemary Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil – renowned for its incredible anti-aging properties, and Carrot Oil. Tricotain hair retaining conditioner is also rich in plant proteins, amino acids, and natural humectants to replenish the hair’s moisture balance.

Eva says; “The Tricotain hair retaining range has been specifically developed to help treat a range of hair loss conditions and support other medical hair loss treatments. I see the effects of oxidative stress daily in clinic and I know that through exploring this process with Tony – and by developing our new formulation – Tricotain has the potential to bring huge benefits to many people.

“The science behind the formulation is unique, with nothing on the market getting to the core root of hair loss like Tricotain.”

Tricotain is now available to health professionals who wish to treat patients in clinics, via select hair salons, and direct to consumers who have been recommended by their trichologist, dermatologist, or hair stylist ( The next phase of the launch aims to see Tricotain stocked in independent pharmacies.

Eva also appears on The Hair Loss Clinic, streaming on Discovery+ and Amazon Prime.

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