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New Health And Wellbeing Influencer Partnership Launched As Part Of Scar Awareness Campaign

This Summer, inspirational fitness, wellbeing and sustainability influencer Zanna Van Djik @zannavandjik is sharing her “scar journey” with her 270k+ followers in an exciting new partnership with KELO-COTE®.

Zanna had emergency bowel surgery while travelling through The Maldives earlier this year and says;  “It was completely out the blue and resulted in me having a 10 inch incision across my abdomen and months of recovery as a result. I am now officially 12 weeks post-op and feeling back to my previous self. My recovery came thick and fast, double the speed that my surgeon anticipated, and I want to share with you what I did that helped me come back stronger than before. Surgery of any kind is a shock to the system, your body and its functionality can change completely in a matter of hours and it takes a seriously strong mindset to come to terms with it.”

After seeing Zanna’s story and impressed by her open and informative attitude to sharing her personal experience and recovery with her followers, the team at Trinity PR approached to create a partnership which would enable her to share her experiences and discuss scar aftercare following surgery with her loyal following.

Zanna’s first social media post:

My Badass Scar Care! I am proud of my scar, it is a sign of my bodies strength and resilience – plus I can tell strangers it was from a shark attack! 🦈 😝  That being said, I am being savvy with my scar management and have a routine to ensure my scar heals well, to avoid any long term complications. There are two key things I do: 1) I apply @kelocoteuk silicone gel twice a day, morning and evening. It is a clinically proven gel product which helps reduce redness, soften and flatten scars. There is a regular version which I use day to day, and a UV version which I use when I travel. 2) I massage my scar daily, to promote blood flow, help break down the underlying scar tissue and avoid adhesions. ✅  I know after surgery it can be hard to know how to handle your new scars, so hopefully this helps. In all honesty, I don’t want my scar to disappear completely, I love it and think it tells a pretty cool story, but I want to take care of it as best as I can 💗 #loveyourscar #proudofmyscar

An advocate for positive change, she has spoken at a UN summit about the power of using her social media platform to inspire people to make informed and sustainable changes to their lifestyle. Speaking out to her 270k followers on Instagram, she has a strong background herself, having qualified as a speech therapist in 2014, before pursuing her passion for wellness as a qualified PT

Trinity PR is working closely with clinically proven silicone scar gel, KELO-COTE® on a summer campaign to promote body positivity for the millions of people with visible scars. While many people are rightly proud to show their scars, 45% of people don’t realise you need to protect a scar from the sun.  The campaign aims to increase education around scar management to help improve the appearance of a scar before they bare all.

Follow Zanna’s recovery @zannavandijk and @kelocote_uk

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