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New Campaign To Help Tackle The Issue Of Medication Non-adherence

MTS credentialTrinity PR is proud to announce a new working partnership with MTS Medication Technologies®, the leading provider of medication adherence packaging solutions in the UK.  We will be supporting the launch of a new campaign ‘Adherence: Let’s Take Care of It’ to raise awareness of medication adherence and help educate the healthcare community on the importance of using solutions to address the problem.

Non-adherence to medication currently costs the NHS £5001 million each year, and this is compounded by the fact that 50% of patients do not take their medication correctly, severely compromising the effectiveness of treatment. In the EU alone, nearly 200,0002 deaths occur each year due to missed doses of medication.

The new campaign aims to change the conversation and get the healthcare community talking about ways in which we can work together to tackle medication non-adherence – saving both lives and money in the process.

James Murray, Sales and Marketing Director, MTS Medication Technologies comments: “At MTS we share the healthcare community’s concern about the high levels of medication non-adherence. There are currently six million patients in the UK that take four or more medications, and around 200,000 patients in the UK requiring further support to take their medication correctly – above and beyond existing adherence systems.

“To make a real difference to adherence, the wider healthcare community needs to come together and recognise that there are innovative technology solutions available now, which can make a difference to individual patients. The problem of medication non-adherence requires a multi-faceted approach to address patient behaviours, attitudes and other barriers.”

The campaign, which will be launched at this year’s Pharmacy Show at Birmingham NEC (5th & 6th October) will include a number of activities including;

  • Social media campaign using Twitter @adherencewecare
  • Campaign website
  • Development and distribution of educational materials for healthcare professionals e.g leaflets, brochures
  • Advertising in trade press

James Murray concludes; “We hope that our campaign will help push adherence to the top of the health agenda. After all, given that we live in an age where medication can significantly improve, prolong or even save lives, why are we still grappling with helping patients to take the right medication or dose at the right time?”


  1. Aston University Medication Adherence Study
  2. Medi-Voice Project
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