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Leading Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon Comments On The Most Talked-about Face In Fashion

As London Fashion Week comes to an end, Daniel Ezra, OculoFacial Plastic Surgeon at the world renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital looks at the standout model hitting the headlines, Gigi Hadid. While her walk is much talked about, her face is no doubt her best asset. Daniel Ezra gives his expert view on what makes her look work:


“One of the most important features widely recognised as mediating beauty is the overall shape of the face with an optimal oval shape being the best. The face is also full of volume, the hallmark of a youthful face, with deflation seen as a typical early ageing change.

The eyes themselves have an exaggerated brow arch with a brow fat pad giving plumpness to the spandrel of the brow.  Descent and deflation of the brow are some of the earliest ageing changes, often seen in women in their thirties. The lids frame the eye well, and these features are highlighted with the choice of makeup she uses with both mascara and eye shadow extending onto the sub-brow area. Good makeup is all about exaggerating these youthful features.

Gigi also has cheeks full of volume which blend well with the lower eyelid giving a smooth continuum between these two aesthetic units. Her lips are also curved and full of volume, with the vermillion border and cupid’s bow contours very prominent.

One of the interesting thing about Gigi’s face, is that she has many of the features that people want to emulate with treatments and procedures. For example, botox can be very effective at raising the brows to create a higher arch and filler injections are often used to create smooth contours around the eyes and fill the cheeks and lips to recreate these youthful natural features. In a way, Gigi is a template for what can aim for when delivering aesthetic treatments”

Daniel Ezra adds, “It is essential to remember, safety is particularly important around the eye, brow and midface areas, where the integrity of the eyes can be easily compromised as a result of poorly planned surgery. So, if you are thinking of having surgery, make sure you have a consultation with a reputable surgeon, who specialises in eyelid surgery”




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