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Latest Stats Show.. 200,000 Young People Tested!

Trinity PR Is thrilled to shout about the news that the charity, Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) has now tested over 200,000 young people through its pioneering screening programme. What a milestone! And what better way to demonstrate the impact that proactive, cardiac screening is making across the UK as parents and young people continue to “click through” at a rate of 30,000 a year?

According to CRY’s research, well over 650 people will have now been identified with potentially life-threatening cardiac conditions though its screening programme – and that’s all thanks to the support and enduring fundraising and awareness efforts of the incredible “CRY Families” who have all been affected by the tragedy of young sudden cardiac death.

Once young people are diagnosed (the vast majority of whom will have never previously exhibited a symptom or any cause for concern) they have the opportunity to be given treatment, lifestyle advice and ongoing, expert monitoring.

Many of these people will have had their conditions completely cured.

It’s also important to recognise that through screening, around 2,000 people will have been identified with conditions which are not immediately life threatening but would have caused problems in their 40s or 50s, if they had not been identified, monitored and, if necessary, treated.

And, CRY tells us that there has never been a more significant time to showcase these latest stats and to celebrate this hugely encouraging level of awareness, public engagement and, crucially, impact of cardiac screening.

Chief Executive of CRY, Dr Steven Cox, explains “The death of a young person is utterly devastating for any family. CRY has always maintained that it’s essential that anyone with a potentially fatal heart condition knows about it. Without this knowledge and appropriate treatment, they could be putting their lives at risk as in 80% of cases there are no signs or symptoms.  

“We began screening young people over 20 years ago and I am so proud that we have now exceeded 200,000 tests! Each year the programme has grown as more and more young people are given the choice to have their hearts tested. I want to thank all the families and supporters across the UK who have made it possible to reach this incredible milestone. Specialist cardiac screening is still the most effective way we have of saving young lives from these silent heart conditions which can have such devastating consequences when left undiagnosed.

“The current position where there has to be a tragedy before other family members are tested to find out if they are also at risk is madness. The aim must to be to prevent the first tragedy in every family. One day, all young people will routinely have their hearts checked and people will look back with disbelief that this was not a normal part of preventive health. Through supporting CRY’s screening and research programme families all over the UK are showing what can be achieved, they are building a future where young lives will be saved in memory of all the young people who have died so suddenly.”

An ECG (electrocardiogram) test – the internationally recognised, gold-standard test, that underpins CRYs screening programme – is a simple way to identify the vast majority of abnormalities that can cause sudden deaths in young people. The test is quick, non-invasive and, if necessary, a further echocardiogram (ultrasound scan of the heart) can be taken on the same day to provide further clarity or reassurance.


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