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Introducing An Exciting New Footcare Product Launch: Your Must-have Essential For Winter Wellness

As the Autumn / Winter season unfolds, our skincare regime needs to adapt to the harsh and irritating effects of the cold weather.  And, that applies all over our bodies! Drawing up cold from the earth, our feet can be the most exposed to the harsher climes as we change seasons, with feet becoming tired, dry, sore, stiff and cold.

With fuel prices rocketing, cold feet are the last thing you want to be worrying about this Winter and now a revolutionary new footcare product looks set to come to the rescue.  Recommended by podiatrists, NEW CCS Warming Foot Cream (150ml) moisturizes and softens dry skin and cold feet with a unique warming sensation.  With a beautiful and fresh spa scent of lavender, juniper and fresh citrus, CCS Warming Foot Cream is a must-have addition to your essential winter wellness kit.

Specially developed by Swedish skin care experts CCS, the Warming Foot Cream contains Cosphaderm® VBE, an active agent consisting of Vanillyl Butyl Ether that has been synthetically derived from Vanillin to warm up cold feet.  It has a mild warming effect and is also excellent to use for a stimulating massage.

The new cream also helps to strengthen the skin´s barrier containing Vaseline (Petrolatum) to reduce the amount of moisture that’s lost from the skin and Paraffinum liquidum to seal existing moisture into your skin. This can help to protect skin that’s been injured or irritated – often by heavy duty shoes or trainers that rub the skin.

So, this innovative cream is ideal if you’ve been stuck in boots on the commute to work, roaming the fields in your wellies with the dog, watching football from the side lines at the weekend or pounding the pavements in your trainers.

After a warm shower, curl up on the sofa on a winter evening or climb into bed with a slathering of the Swedish formula cream to nourish your feet and experience a warm sensation to make your soles sing1! The rich cream works as a highly effective moisturising foot and heel lotion. It can be massaged into the skin day or night and applied as an intensive overnight balm treatment to make feet warm and smooth. For best results apply after a shower.

Dina Gohil BSc (Hons), MRCPod, HCPC Reg Owner of DG Podiatrist and Brand Ambassador for CCS Foot Care says, “Winter can be extremely harsh on our feet and it’s really important to keep up a regular foot care regime over this time – in the same way that you would change-up your beauty routine in the colder months.

“Also, our footwear naturally changes when we enter Autumn, with heavier, thicker shoe or boots needed to protect our feet from the elements. This type of footwear can constrict our feet more and often, if the fit isn’t right, can cause greater irritation to our feet, such as skin rubbing and pressure on the structural elements– i.e. your bones, tendons and ligaments. While these shoes do protect us from elements like rain, snow and cold weather, it does mean our feet are enclosed and covered for hours each day. This can actually cause our feet to sweat, which can dry out the skin. If not treated, dry skin can turn into sore skin, calluses, and painful cracks (fissures). If you continue to wear shoes that don’t protect your feet in Winter like fabric trainers, your feet can become cold, damp, numb and dry. This can lead to problems such as chilblains. 

“This innovative Warming Foot Cream from CCS is a real game changer for winter feet – not only giving a gentle warming sensation but also providing a much-needed moisturising effect with specific ingredients to strengthen the skin’s barrier. The natural spa scent is so uplifting and can be used as part of your wind down or bedtime ritual. Massaging cream into the feet can help to balance the body at the end of the day working out any tension and providing a feeling of wellness and calm.”

CCS Warming Foot Cream (150ml) is 100% vegan and available exclusively at Boots (in store) and RRP: £11.99. 25% off all CCS products and Footner Exfoliating Socks in Boots from 2nd November to 3rd January 2023.

CCS Warming Foot Cream can be used alongside CCS Foot Care Cream (RRP: £7.99) and CCS Cracked Heel Repair (RRP: £7.99). For more information and advice about foot care, visit

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