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Innovative New Mattress From Leading Medical Manufacturers Aims To Reduce The Burden Of Pressure Ulcers For Clinicians, Caregivers And Patients

Treating pressure ulcers costs the NHS more than £1.4 million every day – 4% of the total NHS budget and represent a major burden of sickness and reduced quality of life for patients.  Hill-Rom UK, working in partnership with Select Medical is launching the Flexi by Pure Air, Advanced Crossover mattress to help tackle this widespread issue.  Launched at the Wounds UK Annual conference (5-7th November 2018), the mattress combines through science and innovation, the latest advancements in surface design and testing.

Flexi by Pure Air is an advanced crossover mattress suitable for patients up to and including those at very high risk of developing a pressure ulcer.  Innovative in its design, the uniquely constructed pressure-relieving mattress combines premium density Visco memory foam technology with the proven ‘figure-eight cell’ designs. This unique system allows the cells to maintain their shape whilst avoiding ballooning which may cause discomfort for the patient. The step-up, step-down surface is designed to deliver effective pressure redistribution and unrivalled comfort in static, dynamic and constant low-pressure therapy modes, appropriate to varying needs. It is perfect for the most demanding environments including both hospitals and community care settings.

Additional innovative features include;

  • Unique cell orientation. Flexi is the first crossover system to use a longitudinal cell design over the torso area, combining with latitudinal heal zone to enhance offloading.
  • Unique Axis technology to encourage a natural body movement and assist with repositioning
  • Patented, high frequency welded PU ‘Figure 8’ air cells with unique air pocket for unparalleled reliability, comfort and efficacy.
  • A simple step up, step down surface, offering 3 operation modes. An advanced whisper quiet control unit allows for constant low-pressure mode, alternating low pressure mode or static mode can be employed by simply switching the control unit off. Flexi ensures safety in case of fire and is compliant to BS7177 CRIB 5.

The current prevalence of pressure ulcers in the UK is high and, as well as reducing the quality of life of patients, they create significant difficulties for carers and families. Pressure ulcers are estimated to occur in 4-10% of all patients admitted to acute hospitals in the UK.  Demographic factors such as age and obesity continue to contribute to this challenge. Older people are the group most likely to suffer from pressure ulcers; this is especially true for those older than 70 years, up to a third of whom will have had surgery for a hip fracture. Yet, age alone is not a risk factor; rather, it is the problems common in older people that are associated with pressure ulceration such as hip fractures, faecal and urinary incontinence, smoking, dry skin, chronic systemic conditions, and terminal illness.

Gavin Richards, Marketing Director, Hill-Rom UK comments; “Hill-Rom has for a long-time been committed to helping caregivers reduce facility-acquired pressure ulcers. Our unique, evidence-based surface technologies help clinicians in both hospitals and care-home settings reach a better outcome for patients. The introduction of the Flexi Pure Air mattress reinforces our commitment to driving real change within this important area of healthcare.”

David Elstone, Managing Director at Select Medical adds; “We’re extremely proud to be partnering with Hill-Rom who have a renowned and prestigious reputation of delivering quality products into the acute sector. With Flexi’s unique, patented design and innovative Axis Technology we’re confident Flexi will make a big impact in this space.”

As a medical technology leader in therapy support surfaces and a heritage of over 85 years, Hill-Rom is committed to helping patients reduce the incidence and severity of pressure ulcers across the care continuum, increase patient satisfaction, and improve quality outcomes. For more information visit:

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