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Heads Up! The Institute Of Trichologists Has Launched Its New Press Office

Thousands of people in the UK suffer with hair and scalp conditions such as hair loss, alopecia, psoriasis and dermatitis. These are not only physical or aesthetic problems, but they can have a serious a psychological impact too.


Whether a person has noticed that; their hair is becoming thinner, they’re losing a lot of hair, a hairline is receding, they can see worrying changes to their scalp or they’ve developed small but significant “bald” patches – it might be time to consider reaching out and consulting a Trichologist.


When you get to the root of it, trichologists are the only professional practitioners who specialise in conditions affecting the hair and scalp. Unfortunately, a GP is unlikely to specialise in these areas and as such, may misdiagnose or dismiss a condition that could respond very well to the right treatment.  Trichologists pride themselves on working closely with both GPs and dermatologists in order to achieve an accurate diagnosis and relevant treatment plan – as well as having a genuine and compassionate understanding of the emotional and often debilitating effects on patients suffering with a problem of the hair or scalp.


Trichologists are trained to provide individual and personalised advice and targeted referrals, always taking into consideration possible causes such as diabetes, menopause, eating disorders, PCOS and stress.


Trinity PR is therefore delighted to announce that its now working with The Institute of Trichologists as part of a wider marketing strategy, which is aiming to secure greater regulation and standardisation across the industry.


The Institute’s team of experts can provide media comments on a range of topics relating to  hair and scalp health and wellbeing. So, if you’re writing news and features about any problems affecting the hair and scalp, as well as broader industry issues (such as the current ‘return to clinic’ post-lockdown) and require expert opinion from a trichologist, please do get in touch!


And, just to “re-cap”, trichology and hairdressing are very different disciplines. Hairdressing of course, is cosmetic, closely linked to fashion and grooming whereas clinical trichology is diagnostic and therapeutic, based on medical and scientific knowledge. Some trichologists may originally come from a hairdressing background, but many do not. However, both sets of professionals certainly agree that our hair and scalp can define us. Whilst perhaps not always considered essential to general health, it can be extremely important to a person’s self-esteem and overall wellbeing.


So, if you’re looking for swift expert opinion or media case studies, please contact The Institute of Trichologists press office at Trinity PR on 020 7112 4905 /


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