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Getting Ready To Hit The Dance Floor With Strictly Star Erin Boag


Cult-beauty product, Footner Exfoliating Socks, has partnered with Strictly Come Dancing stalwart Erin Boag to help people prepare for the return of the party season!  With a series of spectacular performances coming up on tour next year with her dance partner Anton du Beke, dancer Erin knows what it takes to prepare and keep your feet on point!


As Strictly fever returns and the Christmas party sequins look set to sparkle, many of us are looking forward to enjoying the thrill of a dance again. Here, Erin shares her top tips for maintaining her feet and being ready for a party night out.


“As a professional Ballroom Dancer my feet often take a hammering, but I am very lucky that my feet are still in very good condition, maybe that’s because I take good care of them.”


  1. Hard skin on your feet is a real no no for me. You can try using a foot file on a dry foot, but to really help manage any build-up of hard skin, give your feet a head start by using Footner Exfoliating Socks. Footner Exfoliating Socks are the ideal at-home pedicure treatment for removing dry, dead skin. Pop them on and relax for 60 minutes, and within just 7-10 days any hard, dead skin on your feet will have peeled away, revealing a layer of soft, smooth and rejuvenated skin beneath.
  2. ALWAYS dry between your toes after bathing, I know this sounds trivial but if you don’t do it, you can get dry, scaly, and cracked skin between your toes which never looks nice!
  3. Keep your toenails short and well filed as you don’t want to get in-grown toenails, especially after they have been squashed in your shoes all day.
  4. Always match your toenail polish to your fingernail polish, this is something I personally like to do as when wearing open toed shoes I think it would look odd if they didn’t match. Imagine red toenails and pink fingernails!!
  5. Always use a good moisturiser on your feet. Often people moisturise their body but stop at their ankles and neglect the feet. A great tip is to use a nourishing moisturiser on your feet, try CCS Foot Care Cream, and pop your socks on overnight – I always wake up with beautiful soft feet in the morning!
  6. As we look forward to the dancing season ahead consider doing some gentle foot stretches before and after a big night on the dancefloor. If possible, try and soak your feet in warm water too when you get home. Whilst dancing is fantastic, it can be tiring on the feet, so look after them. Also be sensible when choosing shoes, ill-fitting shoes or shoes without proper support can cause damage such as bunions in later life.
  7. If possible, treat yourself to a good pedicure every now and then – this is a bit of a luxury, however normally well worth it as they will cover a lot of my recommendations in one go (i.e. removing hard skin, cutting toenails, moisturising and if you choose, a nice nail polish to finish it off)!


“I hope my top tips help you get your feet ready for party time!”


Erin Boag is ambassador for Footner Exfoliating Sock’s Party Feet campaign 2021.



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