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Excellence In Compliance Saluted Across London Nhs Trusts

Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust (BCF) has been named as the Best Overall Performer as part of the Streamlining Staff Movements Programme StatMan Awards, a collaboration between Skills for Health, NHS Employers and HR for London.
Data provided by Learning and Development Leads from 30 London NHS Trusts involved in the Streamlining Programme was analysed to benchmark progress in a number of key statutory and mandatory training areas including compliance, use of staff time and e-learning.   Statistics from BCF were deemed to be outstanding, with a 22% improvement in compliance and an overall figure of 83% compliance with statutory and mandatory training.    The Trust also ranked in first place for time taken to train staff, with a huge hourly time saving – from 25 hours to only 8 hours – to train each member of staff.  As a result of these advances, the Trust made a significant saving of £750,000 of staff time.

Part of the Trust’s success is attributed to the effective implementation and roll-out of Skill for Health’s web based tool WIRED.  First installed in 2012, WIRED has been used across the Trust to drive compliance helping to meet the target of raising rates of staff completing all their relevant statutory and mandatory training from 60% to 85%.
Ms Raj Chana, Director of Organisational Development and Human Resources at Barnet and Chase Farm Hospital, comments, “We’re delighted to have been named as Best Overall Performer.  We have a strong compliance culture at Barnet and Chase Farm Hospital Trust and it is rewarding to see that our investment of both funding and time in this area has been recognised.

“We set ambitious targets to raise compliance rates, but our existing data systems were not flexible enough to provide an accurate picture of staff training. Thanks to the installation of web based tools such as WIRED, we’ve been able to monitor compliance much more effectively. Alongside local e-learning modules to build capacity, as a cost-effective alternative to face-to-face training, the Trust has met targets quickly and easily.  One of the advantages is that individual members of staff take responsibility for their own training needs, which has enabled us to meet local and national compliance standards.”
Demonstrating effective management of statutory and mandatory training is increasingly important for NHS Trusts across the country – part of a wider national move to drive up skills and training for the health care workforce to improve delivery of patient care.   The data analysed in this piece of work by the Streamlining Staff Movements Programme showed improvements across the board.  Key findings included:

  • A number of London NHS Trusts that supplied data achieved >25% compliance increase over the last 12 months
  • The best performing Trusts consistently achieve above 80% compliance rates and are working towards consistently exceeding 90% compliance
  • The best performing trusts all delivered over 10,000 e-learning events

John Rogers, CEO of Skills for Health comments; “I’d like to congratulate Barnet and Chase Farm Hospital Trust on this well-deserved attainment. It’s fantastic to see yet more significant results from WIRED, a valuable tool which provides a fast, accurate and cost effective solution for compliance reporting.  Of course, the most important result is the improvement seen in patient care. Reports from the Trust suggest that the new system, when combined with e-Learning , enables people’s competency to be tested and staff training to be planned in the longer term,  which in turn has a positive impact on patient safety and care.”

Daniel Elkins, Programme Director for Streamlining Staff Movements Programme comments, “Overall, the Streamlining Programme has been extremely successful and is a great showcase for collaborative working and how Trusts working together can dramatically improve patient care at the same time as reducing costs.  To this end, the workstream focused on statutory and mandatory training has seen average compliance rates up by more than 15% whilst the time taken to achieve the required standards has fallen by 18%.  Together we have achieved savings of £8 million in staff time for London alone, with lots more to come. ”

For further information please contact Caroline Beswick at Trinity PR on 020 7112 4906 / 0770 948 7960 or email
Notes to Editors:

  • Skills for Health is the Sector Skills Council for all health sector employers: NHS, independent and third sector. Since 2002 we’ve been working with employers to get the right people, with the right skills, in the right place at the right time. We are the authoritative voice on skills issues for the health sector and offer proven workforce solutions and tools – with the expertise and experience to use them effectively. To find out more about our unique competence-based approach to workforce transformation and how we can help you drive up productivity and quality visit
  • The Streamlining Staff Movements Programme was launched in 2009 and has been particularly active in the past two years.  As well as a focus on training, the programme aims to streamline the changeover of junior doctors (with 94% of rotations now automatically created) and has started to re-design recruitment processes – with an estimated potential saving of £100 million to NHS Trusts in London alone.
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