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Don’t Saddle Yourself With Sore Feet After Ladies Day!

With the racing season almost upon us, women everywhere are preparing their outfits for Ladies Day. From the hat to the high heels, it is important to get your outfit right and look your best on the day.

However, a day in heels can take its toll on your feet and after a long day of wearing them, many woman have foot pain or discomfort which continues into the following day.

Tracy Byrne, leading podiatrist at Holistic Health, shares her 5 essential foot care tips to help your feet recover from the ‘high heel hangover’:

Buy shoes that fit properly: A day at the races is the perfect time to treat yourself to a new pair of shoes, but far too many of us make the mistake of buying ones that don’t fit us properly. Even with heels, try to find soles that offer plenty of arch support; otherwise, you could sustain an injury. And, for your ‘off duty’ footwear, your feet will thank you for choosing something that cushions and supports the foot, such as a trainer, rather than a flimsy flip-flop or sandal.

Stretchercise: Wearing high heels not only damages your feet but can also cause your calf muscles to become tight. Stretching these out can aid healing by keeping blood flowing within your legs and feet, and can help reduce excess fluid and swelling in the lower leg. You can do this by moving the foot up, down, left and right and in circular motions, repeat this for 90 seconds and then change leg.

Pamper your feet: Prepare and pamper your feet and get rid of any unsightly hard and dry skin from the comfort of your own home, so your feet are peep-toe ready and refreshed. Footner Exfoliating Socks make use of the skin’s natural process to rid your feet from dead skin build-up and can leave you with baby-soft feet after just one quick and easy 60-minute application! Three out of four people say that the “Footner experience” is more effective than creams or foot files. (1)

Soak it out: Fill a tub with hot water and add some essential oils to help soothe your aching feet. Soak them for approximately 20 minutes. Epsom salts are particularly useful when soaking your feet as the skin absorbs the magnesium, which helps the body to rebuild and repair tissue.

Moisturise: Your feet dry out more in the summer months because you’re not wearing socks all the time. To keep your feet soft, apply moisturiser in the morning after you shower and again at night. The best creams to combat dryness and slough away dead skin cells on our feet are much richer and heavier than the creams and lotions we’d typically use on the rest of our body. Try to remember that your feet are under more pressure than the rest of you so looking after them is as important (if not more so!) than other parts of your body.




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