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Don’t Let The Winter Chill Freeze Your Back

During the winter months when the pavements ‘ice up’ and surfaces become slippery, the danger of falling down increases significantly for everyone, whatever your age, although those over the age of 65 are generally most at risk.  The effects of a fall, particularly among the elderly and vulnerable can be devastating and the problem is widespread across the UK. As many as one in three people over 65 will slip or trip every year, with the figures rising to over 40% for those aged 80 and above.

As the weather gets colder, the number of hospital admissions from fall related injuries looks set to rise. However, the winter weather doesn’t only have an impact on the older generation…

Thousands of people across Britain are affected by debilitating back pain, which can be exacerbated by slips and slides during the winter months. With as many as 52 million work days lost per year due to the condition, it is vital for the majority of people affected by this common but chronic condition to address any niggles as soon as they appear.

Osteopath Steve Morris, founder of the Sussex Back Pain Clinic says; “Back pain can be triggered by a variety of movements or actions including awkward falls and a large number of the British population, both young and old, can be affected. Icy weather conditions often make people walk in a different way simply by trying to stay upright or avoid a fall. This will inevitably have an impact on your joints and muscles and could set off or aggravate any underlying injuries.

“We know that more sedentary office workers notoriously leave it longer to seek help as opposed to manual workers who have to stay active. But, continuing to sit at a computer can leave your back feeling sore and uncomfortable, and the longer it is left, the harder it becomes to treat.

“When the pavements become slippery, making sure you are prepared for the weather by wearing sensible clothing during the commute is a must. Office shoes are not designed for the ice and the non-grip soles will increase the chance of taking a tumble on the way to work.

Steve concludes; “Anyone with underlying pain who has suffered a fall during the wintery season should seek help straight away. An injury to one part of your body can make you move in a different manor and lead to a whole host of problems.

“Treatment options for a range of conditions have improved significantly and chronic back pain and slipped discs can now be treated non-invasively with a revolutionary, new treatment called IDD therapy. Sometimes simply booking yourself in for an osteopath appointment can sort out the problem and have you back on your feet in no time.”

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