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Don’t Hang Up On Dyspraxia

Big Lottery Fund helps the Dyspraxia Foundation re-launch its national helpline

At Trinity we are proud to have been invited by a former client, the Dyspraxia Foundation to work on the re-launch of its national helpline and annual awareness week – as the charity enters an exciting new chapter in its 25 year history.


Trinity worked with the Dyspraxia Foundation – the only charity in the UK dedicated to raising awareness of dyspraxia and championing the needs of people living with the condition – in 2007 and 2008, managing its first ever national awareness campaigns.


Since then, its social media channels have gone from strength to strength (engaging with a community of over 14,000 on twitter and Facebook)  allowing the charity to significantly increase its outreach. Now, five years on after a period of some financial difficulty, the Foundation is delighted to announce a large grant from the Big Lottery Fund which will allow the charity to reinstate its valuable information and helpline and to employ a full time information officer.


Previously a condition which was often cruelly labelled as “clumsy child syndrome”, dyspraxia is a development co-ordination disorder that affects roughly ten per cent of the population. Symptoms include a lack of spatial awareness, difficulties in speech patterns and most commonly, illegible handwriting.


Those living with this condition frequently find simple tasks, such getting dressed or walking up the stairs, a great struggle. As a result of being constantly misunderstood and considered awkward in their local environment (whether school, at home or in the workplace) sufferers often lose their self-esteem and can find it very hard to ‘fit in’.


The services provided by the Dyspraxia Foundation are absolutely vital for those living with conditions – as well as for the friends, family and potential employers of people with dyspraxia – providing help, advice and expert information. In addition to the current communications revamp, the charity will embark on a nationwide fundraising initiative on the final Friday of the Awareness Week, “Dress Down for Dyspraxia” on 18th October, which will encourage supporters to come to work and school in their ‘casuals’ and in doing so, help to spread the word about dyspraxia and the work of the Foundation.

So don’t hang up on dyspraxia and get involved.

Dyspraxia Awareness Week runs from Oct 13 – 19th 2013

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