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Ditch The Itch As Chicken Pox Season Approaches!

The end of Winter is fast approaching, meaning Chickenpox season will be here before we know it! Chickenpox is a year-round problem, but many people don’t realise there is a higher prevalence at the end of the winter/beginning of Spring, particularly between the months of February and May. This highly infectious disease caused by the Varicella Zoster airborne virus affects 95%1 of all children and is most common in children under ten, causing an intensely itchy, blistery rash that forms over the whole body, then crusts over and falls off.

Whilst it’s a common childhood illness, understandably many parents feel alarmed by the red and angry-looking spots that can cause distress. The first blisters appear on the face and chest, and then spread over the body, with some “spots” even occurring in the ears, mouths and eyelids. Chickenpox blisters show in waves; while the first blisters begin to crust, new spots may appear. Additionally, during the incubation period, which can vary from 10 to 21 days, and the course of the infection itself- around a week – experts advise that children should avoid public places including nursery or schools. This means that many parents find it difficult to juggle chickenpox with work and busy family lives!

The good news is, the itching misery could soon be over with the use of innovative product, PoxClin® CoolMousse which is clinically proven to provide instant relief from symptoms of chickenpox, including irritation, itching and sensitivity. PoxClin® CoolMousse contains a unique 2QR-complex, a patented bio-active bacterial blocker that reduces the chances of infection and supports the skin’s natural healing process. Key ingredients Laurent-9 & Glycerin Betaine act together in the formulation to cool and soothe the skin. This, unlike most antibiotics and antiseptics is a completely natural process and does not involve harsh, toxic chemicals.  The mousse formulation can also be easily and hygienically applied to damaged skin without needing to be rubbed in, providing instant relief for sensitive skin.

Health care professionals believe that although it’s considered to be a mild illness, chickenpox can leave a child feeling very poorly and miserable.  Low-flu-like symptoms such as feeling generally unwell, having a high temperature of 38ºC (100.4ºF) or over, headache, painful muscles and loss of appetite are common. During the fever stage, a child should wear loose-fitting garments to help stop the skin from becoming sore and irritated. Parents should also keep their child hydrated by giving them lots of fluids and avoid any salty food that may make their mouth sore, if they have chickenpox spots in this area too. When it comes to managing child’s fever and headache, this can be best treated with paracetamol or ibuprofen as the use of aspirin can cause Reye’s syndrome, a severe and often fatal metabolic disease.

For some children, chicken pox can be nothing more than an uncomfortable irritation, however, for others it can be very distressing, resulting in flu-like symptoms and the risk of long-term scarring from the itchy blisters. PoxClin® CoolMousse works to prevent scarring by relieving the itch and protecting the skin, thus resulting in less scratching, reduced long term scarring and and fewer infections.

Currently, there is no cure for chicken pox, however, there is a preventative measure parents can take. The chicken pox vaccination is not currently part of the NHS childhood vaccination programme, but it has been given routinely in a number of countries around the world, such as the USA and Germany. It’s only offered to individuals who are likely to come into contact with people who are particularly vulnerable to chickenpox such as those going through chemotherapy. Although the vaccine is preventative, it’s important to keep in mind that generally speaking a case of chickenpox passes without complications and is not life-threatening. After an infection a person will be immune against chickenpox for a lifetime.

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