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Dina Gohil X Footner & Ccs Youtube Project

Have you heard? Footner Exfoliating Socks have become a social media hit thanks to their ability to ‘shed your skin like a lizard’, revealing ‘baby-smooth feet beneath’, according to MailOnline. People are obsessed with how effective it is, with reviewers calling it ‘a revelation’ and noting that after use ‘it’s like having a new set of feet’.

So, in light of this, Footner – and sister brand CCS – decided to collaborate on an exciting and original YouTube project with podiatrist and influencer Dina Gohil.

Dina has over 80K YouTube subscribers, many of whom had requested an ‘ASMR’ video. This is a distinct YouTube trend in which creators amplify certain sounds in their videos, such as a whispering voice, to create a feeling of physical wellbeing for the viewer. Paired with her other videos showing podiatry procedures such as corn removals – popular for their ‘morbidly satisfying’ element – we thought that combining ASMR with Footner’s peeling process could result in some highly original and unique content.

The video has now been live for two weeks and has already received over 27,000 views. Dina’s whispering voice effectively explains how Footner Exfoliating Socks work while she applies them to a client’s feet. Other sounds like putting on rubber gloves and opening the packaging are emphasised as part of the ASMR theme. The video then fast-forwards to the peel, which takes place within 7-10 days of using the product. Here we see Dina gently peeling away the loose skin from the client’s feet. The sound is amplified, and the visuals provide the effect of morbid satisfaction.

Once the client’s rejuvenated, smooth layer of skin beneath has been revealed, Dina massages CCS Foot Care Cream to their feet. Once again, the sounds surrounding this are elevated in keeping with ASMR traits.

The video ends with before and after shots of the client’s feet, highlighting how Footner and CCS have made major improvements to the skin’s appearance and texture.

You can watch the video here.

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