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Congratulations To “team Tricoextra” For Scooping ‘best Hair Supplement’ Accolade In The Hair Awards 2024 (for The 2nd Year Running!)

Trinity PR just loves working with the award-winning team at UK Hair Consultants – so, we were absolutely thrilled with their recent news that its ‘hero product’ Tricoextra had again won the Best Supplement for Hair Loss in the prestigious Hair Awards 2024, in partnership with the UK’s leading platform for hair and product news, Hair Magazine.

Spearheaded by Consultant Trichologist Eva Proudman FIT IAT, Tricoextra was originally inspired by Eva’s traumatic experience of suffering from excessive hair shedding following major surgery over a decade ago, coupled with her desire to find an affordable solution to help her clients who were experiencing the same hair loss problems.

Working hand in hand with a team of leading nutritionists to understand and appreciate the essential ingredients needed to promote a healthy scalp and hair growth, Tricoextra was developed over a 5-year trial period.

So, we asked Eva, “what’s the recipe to success for an award-winning supplement and how does it help to raise your profile?”

The uniquely formulated supplement is packed full of the optimum level of essential vitamins and minerals needed to support and encourage healthy hair, scalp, skin and nails. Key ingredients include vitamins C & E, which are powerful antioxidants and aid with the absorption of iron, which is essential for hair health, as well as the creation of collagen. The level of iron in the formulation is designed to gently lift stored iron levels without the usual side effects.

In addition, Tricoextra includes the B complex of vitamins including Biotin, which are essential to the health of hair and scalp and support the creation of red blood cells which carry nutrients and oxygen to the hair. B vitamins also help to build Keratin and support the body to grow new hair cells. Finally, the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc complete the scientific cocktail.

Eva comments; “We were absolutely blown away by the news that we’d won our category in the 2024 Hair Awards “Hot List” – and, for the second year running, too! It’s such an honour to have been recognised by our industry in this way and to have received such a prestigious ‘seal of approval’ from the Hair Magazine and its annual awards programme.

“I’ve always been encouraged and driven by the first-hand feedback we regularly receive from our clients and customers. As such, we know that Tricoextra makes a real difference to quality of life of so many people – not only helping to restore hair but also self-confidence and self-esteem. I’m passionate about developing products that are easily available and affordable to everyone and it’s always so great to be able to officially acknowledge that we’re ‘getting it right’ with Tricoextra, which ‘heads up’ our range of hair and scalp care products.

Eva adds; “When we first formulated Tricoextra it was vital to us that every ingredient was essential, working together in harmony for optimum absorption and effect. I always like to reassure my customers that by taking Tricoextra, their daily supplement will be providing everything they need, at just the right level to promote healthy hair growth and in an easy-to-take recommended dose – which is so much more effective and targeted than taking individual supplements.”

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