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Cardiac Screening In The Young Soars Overnight As Fabrice Muamba Hits The Headlines

Trinity has worked alongside the charity, Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) since 2003 – running the 24/7 press office as well as proactively managing the launch of events and campaigns. However, without doubt, the past 3 months have been the busiest in the charity’s history, following the sudden collapse of Fabrice Muamba in March.

In the first 5 days following the shocking events at White Hart Lane, the CRY team at Trinity took calls from over 90 media outlets resulting in wide exposure for the charity in most national papers and broadcast news, as well as online and international. But, the impact of this news story reached beyond coverage and column inches. Awareness of young sudden cardiac death has soared. Hits to the charity’s website increased ten-fold, applications to online fundraising sites were up by 52%, and all community screening sessions for the next 4 months were booked up almost overnight.

Trinity is proud to work so closely with CRY and looks forward to seeing the charity and the profile of its pioneering work continue to grow.

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