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As part of our Corporate programme for Contura International, team Trinity joined hundreds of employees, partners and shareholders to celebrate the “23 & Beyond” event at its Danish manufacturing site in Copenhagen. We worked alongside the marketing and social media team interviewing key attendees to create 23 video testimonials to use across digital and social media platforms.

The reception celebrated the collaborative contribution of the attendees to the business’ explosive growth since its launch 23 years ago. Contura signalled its dedication to the future and its valued employees with the exciting developments underway including the recent transformation of Contura’s office space into a state-of-the-art environment and the ongoing construction of a new on-site manufacturing facility, set to enhance production capacity upon its completion in 2024.

Worldwide demand for Contura’s hydrogel is so great worldwide that the company expects to produce 1.3 million syringes in 2026 to meet the anticipated need and plans to double the number of employees in the next couple of years to deliver on this projection.

Since its inception, Contura has developed its 2.5 iPAAG technology, based on 97.5% water and 2.5% cross-linked polyacrylamide, with the potential to revolutionise the treatment of disorders in both humans and animals. Common to all 2.5 iPAAG products using the technology pioneered by the company is that products provide non-surgical alternatives for conditions traditionally treated with surgery, operations such as open knee surgery, which can be potentially risky, requiring hospital stays and lengthy recovery periods for patients.

Guests at the “23 & Beyond” event enjoyed a rallying speech and toasts from Rakesh Tailor, CEO of Contura, outlining his vision for the company’s growth over the coming years. Rakesh introduced a fascinating panel of speakers including Emma Hopkins, the British Ambassador to Denmark, who spoke of Contura’s success being grounded by collaboration by institutions across UK, Denmark and beyond. As patient advocates, Sharron Davies, MBE, former Olympic swimmer and Hanne Staanum, former Danish triathlete, spoke passionately about their improved mobility following treatment with the 2.5 iPAAG technology, allowing a return to a more active lifestyle following injury. Both athletes were treated for knee osteoarthritis with Contura’s latest human-use hydrogel treatment – Arthrosamid® – now available in over 10 countries worldwide.

Sharron Davies, MBE, reflects on the event, saying, “It was an absolute honour to attend the “23 & Beyond” event and to speak to guests about my experiences as a patient, benefiting from treatment using the incredible hydrogel injections pioneered by Contura.

“Hearing fellow athlete Hanne Staanum’s journey to recovery was fascinating and it was a pleasure to share the stage with her. Being amongst so many people involved in this progressive treatment was a real inspiration and I’m excited to be working with the wider Contura team as an Ambassador for Arthrosamid as the company continues to accelerate.”

Hanne Staanum adds: “I’m glad to be a part of the success story of Arthrosamid developed by Contura  in Denmark. It has made a significant change to my life after many years of training to no training at all – to again being able to regain strength in my knee and be able to do the things I love the most.”

Rakesh Tailor, CEO of Contura International Ltd comments, “It has now been 23 years since Contura began its mission to develop a long-lasting hydrogel that is designed to work with soft tissue.

“Over that period, we have developed and brought to market a number of transformative products to improve the quality of life for humans and animals. Along the way, very many people have been involved in bringing us to where we are today. The “23 & Beyond” event was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and thank those people. It wasn’t just about looking backwards and celebrating success to date, it was also a time to focus on what is to come, an opportunity to tell the world about the next chapter for our company. For us at Contura, it’s all about patient outcomes and we’re thrilled to have such a positive impact on the quality of life of so many. That’s why we’re so committed to delivering our ambitious plans for expansion.”

Contura has a portfolio of hydrogel products, including Arthrosamid® – which it expects will change the way patients are treated with knee osteoarthritis, as more healthcare professionals begin to adopt the technology. Bulkamid®, now owned by Axonics Modulation Technologies, is a world leading product for stress urinary incontinence, manufactured by Contura. The latest treatment for animals is Arthramid Vet® which helps lame horses return to the field and improves the quality of life for dogs.

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