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Hello Dubai!

As Trinity’s Middle East consultant my main base is Dubai but, sadly, there’s been little time for sunbathing and shopping for me! The healthcare sector in the Gulf States is seeing incredible levels of investment, offering some great opportunities for UK expertise, so this week I’ve been busy meeting with Trinity’s media contacts in the region and helping to raise awareness of the expertise available at The London Clinic – a client of Trinity’s for the past six years.

It’s also good to report back to the UK office on what’s occupying the press in the region and so here’s just a taster, healthwise: Abu Dhabi has plans to increase the numbers of doctors in the emirate by more than 40% to help alleviate severe shortages in emergency care, neonatal care, cardiology and critical and intensive care; while a recent study claims the burning of incense can cause a number of neurological symptoms, such as headaches, forgetfulness, dizziness and concentration problems – that’s a worrying thought in a region where the burning of oud and bakhour is very common among the local population.

Some of the chronic health issues here are related to lack of exercise, and in the summer months at least it’s easy to understand why. Having enjoyed six months of amazing weather we’re about to enter a period of extreme heat and humidity, with temperatures set to rise to 40⁰C+ in the next month or so. It makes outdoor activities a near impossible task so I’ll be resorting to the treadmill and swimming to get my daily fix!

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