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Media relations & campaigns

Our clients benefit from the agency’s contacts with national, consumer and trade journalists and freelancers, as well as online editors, contributors, influencers and bloggers. The Agency invests in world-leading media scanning, distribution and monitoring services.

We’ve become a trusted source for health writers and are tenacious in our efforts to find the right angle for every story: from charity awareness campaigns to med-tech innovations, published papers, new research and medical device launches.

Using a combination of tactics, the media team generates results via reactive and proactive outreach including press office services, feature development, op-ed thought leadership editorial, case study placement, news releases, blogs and medical expert media comment.


When clients entrust Trinity with their media relations goals, we commit to securing that coverage, ensuring the editorial is always reaching the right target audiences via the right platforms.

There’s no doubt that the traditional media landscape is changing and that local newspapers and radio stations, in particular, are becoming somewhat diminished (both in terms of pagination and staffing and amalgamation of regional programming).

But, the charities, clinics and nealth & wellbeing brands and businesses we work with tell us that it’s invaluable to their overall objectives to have a presence in their relevant trade and local media – discussing local angles, helping to raise awareness and is some cases, helping to raise funds.

In the not-for-profit sector, Trinity has managed the press office function for the national charity, Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) for more than 15 years, supporting its UK-wide screening programme, promoting its research portfolio and shining a light on its bereavement support network.

Momentum has grown to such an extent that we generally see around 50 pieces of regional / national coverage placed every month, in addition to broadcast interviews and attendance of film crews at community screening events on a weekly basis.

As well as feeding directly into the charity’s social media schedule, this published content has a real impact in terms of awareness and morale. Anecdotally and analytically, we know that media relations matter.


And, if you’re launching a new hospital or clinic, the importance of independently written and reviewed content in the relevant local and trade media – as opposed to ‘bought, advertising space’ cannot be underestimated in terms of patient reassurance and impartial reporting.

But, budgets are tight so we always recommend investing in professional photography to be issued with your press release to push your story over the line.


Whether in print or online, we can make your media relations work for you. Why not give us a call or drop us an email to find out more and to have a chat about how Trinity could help you make a splash!




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