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Crisis communications

Trinity PR can work with you to effectively plan for potential healthcare crisis communications, as well as steer you through any tricky media issues should they arise.

As specialists in this area, we have successfully managed the reputation of numerous charities, professional bodies, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, independent hospitals, and care home groups throughout the UK.

Planning crisis communications activity enables you to take control, manage and contain issues. We work with organisations to oversee the development of a ‘crisis management protocol’.

Preparation for this includes;

  • Identification and anticipation of potential issues
  • The crisis comms process; handling both internal & external stakeholders
  • The agreed reporting procedure
  • Selecting the communications response team
  • Media training of the response team
  • Media messages (for both internal & external audiences)
  • Background information and statements for the media

We provide a range of services to support your crisis comms plan ongoing, including strategic counsel, protocol updates and rehearsals, as well as press office services.

Should an issue arise, we can also help you to take control of the media agenda post-crisis, with the development of a media strategy to help rebuild your reputation and change the messaging around your organisation.

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