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Immediate release: June 2024

The Great British summer is fast approaching, introducing the only foot cream you’ll need in your beauty kit to get your feet ready

The sun’s finally out and after what seems like an endless Winter, our thoughts are now happily turning to summer dresses, strappy heals and flip flops. Suddenly, we need to shake off our socks and tights and get our feet prepped and ready for exposure. According to Vogue1, 2024 summer-sandal season is all about “feel-good styles” – an abundance of jelly shoes, “fashion” flip flops, rope sandals and crochet “fisherman’s” – so get ready to bare all and step out with confidence!

Luckily, now there’s a quick easy to use all-in-one solution, which replaces the need for foot baths, foot files, exfoliating socks and myriad creams for treating your dry feet, hard skin, corns and cracked heels. NEW to the UK market, Swedish formulated Footmender® All in One is used once a day until the desired result is achieved. Generally, you will notice a difference after just one use, massively reducing precious ‘self-care’ time and saving you money too by not having to buy multiple products!

Problems with dry feet, hard skin, corns and cracked heels are very common and affect both men and women of all ages but do become more common with age. Taking care of your feet is as important as taking care of your face or hands, and because we’re on our feet all day they are subjected to much greater stain.

How does Footmender work?

Footmender is a multi-functional footcare product with a unique, patented formula containing six active ingredients that treats, heals and restores the skin on your feet and tackles problems such as dry skin, calluses, corns and heel fissures.  While common, these problems can be painful, unsightly and even prevent you from doing the things you love, including wearing those latest Summer sandals. This Class IIa Medical Device is clinically proven to have a significant effect after the first treatment, with results continuing to improve with each additional day of treatment, supporting your feet in the following eight ways:

  • Antimicrobial effect that prevents the regrowth of microorganisms for at least 12 hours.
  • Exfoliating action with the ability to remove dead skin cells.
  • Binds and retains moisture in the skin.
  • Softens the skin.
  • Reduces skin sensitivity and slows the release of water.
  • Stabilises skin cell renewal and helps the skin to regain its natural protective function.
  • Stimulates the healing of cracked skin and acts as a skin softener and moisturiser.
  • Strengthens the skin’s barrier effect and restores the natural elasticity of the feet’s skin.

All-in-one: one product, once a day

Apply Footmender ®once a day until the desired result is achieved. The airless, hygienic pump feature gives you the exact dosage. Use two pump strokes of Footmender per foot, rubbing gently into the skin for at least one minute.  The cream leaves no unsightly residue on the skin and is absorbed quickly and contains no perfumes or ingredients of animal origin so is perfect for vegans and pregnant women.

Pricing and efficacy:

RRP: £28.99. Footmender All in One 100 ml is sufficient for approximately 25 treatments. Based on a one-week treatment course followed by the recommended maintenance therapy of 1-2 times a week, it will last for between two and a half to four months.

Where can I purchase Footmender?

Sweden’s NO12 footcare product Footmender is now stocked in Boots and Well Pharmacy stores across the UK and online.

For more information visit: or follow us on Instagram @footmender_all_in_one


For further information, product samples or a media comment, contact Tami Keefe or Caroline Beswick at Trinity PR via or or call 0770 948 7960

Notes to editors

Medical device: Footmender is classified as a Class IIa Medical Device according to the European medical devices legislation. This means that Footmender’s effect is well documented and that it is manufactured using a strict and regulated process that meets predetermined requirements.


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